Let your body guide you home.

Home to that place inside you that holds all the answers. Where there is always peace, calm and quiet.

This is where you belong.

In this busy world we live in, we are constantly being bombarded with impressions and most of us are so used to listening to our *thinking brain* that we have completely forgotten to listen to our gut-feeling, our intuition, our body.

For me yoga is not about being able to put my legs behind my head... It’s about how you can connect with the inner wisdom of your body through yoga asanas, intuitive movement, pranayama and meditation, finding inner peace, strength and flexibility both physically, mentally and spiritually...

Anne is a certified yoga and mindfulness teacher, a certified life coach specialising in stress management, the author of a book in Danish called Yoga mod stress ('Yoga for stress relief') as well as a popular app with guided yoga nidra meditations in Danish, which has been downloaded by more than 8.000.

She is based in Copenhagen, Denmark where she teaches weekly yoga classes as well as workshops and retreats around Denmark. For the past three years she has also held international yoga retreats.

With 20 years of personal yoga practise and over 1000 hrs of yoga teacher trainings, she continues to be a curious student of yoga. She is certified in various yoga styles, such as vinyasa, yin, prenatal yoga and yoga nidra and is now mainly focusing on yin yoga and yoga nidra. Through the last 15 years she has also studied and practised Buddhist meditation and mindfulness.

Some of her main teachers and sources of inspiration are Satu, Sarah Powers, Paul Grilley, Jo Phee, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Rod Stryker.

Anne’s classes, workshops and retreats focus on guiding you towards finding your sacred space within and connecting with your inner stillness and guidance. She is known and loved for her calm voice and presence.